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Like most churches and organizations, we have programs to facilitate connection. However, as a relationship-driven body of believers, we won’t first point you to a program or a committee…we will introduce you to a person. The links to right are offered only to give you an idea of the fellowship and service opportunities available at CCARE.


Hospitality in the New Testament seems to be less about specific programs and activities, but instead stresses the importance of welcoming those unknown to us and less known by us. Christ Church at River’s Edge (CCARE) seeks to encourage relationships and to root relationships in Jesus Christ and His church. With this in mind, we regularly organize meals and special events to encourage fellowship among our members and visitors as well as the surrounding community such as:

Quarterly Church Lunch

Four times each year (and on special occasions), CCARE hosts a lunch after Sunday worship in the fellowship hall downstairs. The church provides the meal. Don’t worry about the food, there is always plenty. Just walk down the stairs (through the door to the left of the pulpit for a casual time of sharing and fellowship.

After Worship Services

On the rest of Sundays, after worship, we hope you will stay for some refreshments and fellowship. We hope you won’t simply see this time as your reward for sitting through the sermon, but as another opportunity to speak with members and visitors; to meet someone you don’t know, to make initial connections with others that we hope will express hospitality, while encouraging a sense of community and family.



What does Christ Church at River’s Edge (CCARE) believe?

We believe that God calls us to be a Christ-centered-church that boldly proclaims His word, that worships Him authentically, and that seeks those who don’t know Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives.   We affirm the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, as the inerrant Word of God, consisting of its doctrinal standards as set forth in the Westminster Confession of Faith, together with the Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

What is the worship service like?

Worship at CCARE combines elements of our Christian heritage with traditional and modern of music.  CCARE is a conservative, reformed church committed to worship consistent with Biblical mandates in an informal, casual manner seasoned with love, humility, and grace…all for the glory of God!

What times are the services?

Our worship services are at 11:00AM.

What do I wear?

You will find a wide variety of dress at CCARE, from people’s Sunday best to more informal. Most people dress casually.

What to expect when I arrive?

You should be warmly welcomed when you visit by a couple of our elders and/or members.  If you like to have your children placed in our nursery, just ask for directions.  While you will likely be greeted by one or more members, please know we just want you to welcome you and make you feel comfortable during your visit.

What is your view of baptism?

We affirm that Christian baptism signifies our being grafted into the Body of Christ. It symbolizes the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, the washing away of sin’s guilt by the blood of Christ, and the resurrection of the believer to newness of life; all by virtue of the life, death and resurrection of Christ.

Tell me more about your ministry of prayer?

We believe strongly in the power of prayer and encourage people to pray continually. To that end, we do the following: prayer in the front of the sanctuary enables you to receive prayer by the pastor and elders after the worship service; weekly prayer chain that goes out to many members and regular attendees.  Of course, the pastor and elders are available for private prayer.

How do I get involved?

The best way to get involved is to come out and start being part of the community. There are many opportunities (establish a link to the “Getting Connected” page) for fellowship and service.

How do you assist those in need?

For people in the community who are not members of CCARE, our deacons evaluate and assist in need appropriate to the circumstances. For members, our diaconate works hard to assist with financial, personal, and family needs during circumstances and seasons of trial and crisis.

Do you provide counseling for people in the community?

Yes. Some counseling services are free; some referral counseling is fee based. Please contact the church office for more information.