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If the Word of God is the cornerstone for the church of Jesus Christ, members are the living stones of His temple. CCARE does not view membership as a measure of effectiveness or an organizational obligation for the believer, but as an affirmation by the believer to worship in community with brothers and sisters in Christ. The purpose for membership is to encourage, protect, and instruct the disciples of Christ in a community of fellowship and service to His kingdom.

Holy Scripture and the PCA Book of Church Order speak to the solemn obligations inherent in membership. As a church, CCARE we are grateful for your interest in membership.

How do I become a member?

CCARE offers New Member Classes at least twice a year (January and September). For more details about dates and times please call the church office at 704.461.8614.

The CCARE New Member Class will include the following topics:

  • A Statement of Faith
  • The Person & Work of Jesus Christ
  • Our Church Covenant
  • The Purpose for Church Membership
  • Church History
  • Evangelism & Missions
  • Church Life

On completion of the class, a membership interview will be scheduled with a church elder to collect basic biographical information and to hear your testimony of how God wrought salvation in your life. Based on this meeting, the elder will discuss the advisability for moving forward with membership and advise the Session (the governing board of church elders) of his recommendation.

The Session will review the report of the interview by the elder and the Session will make a decision whether to approve membership. With approval, the applicant will meet with the elders prior to worship for prayer and on a particular Sunday introduce the new member(s) to the congregation. At this time, the minister will review the membership vows with the new member and the new member will affirm those vows before the congregation.

At the conclusion of worship, an elder will join the new member(s) at the front of the sanctuary to allow the congregation to extend the right hand of fellowship to the new member(s). As you can see, CCARE views membership as a serious matter to be considered carefully as a stewardship responsibility in service to Christ and His bride (the church). CCARE also views with exceptional joy God’s providence in bringing new members to His church!